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Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers will fight for your rights.

Some typical offences in which we act for clients include:

  • Assaults (common assault, actual bodily harm [AOABH], grievous bodily harm [AOGBH], assault Police);
  • Public disorder offences (riot, affray) ;
  • Sexual offences (sexual assault, indecent assault, aggravated sexual assault) ;
  • Murder (attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, felony murder) ;
  • Manslaughter;
  • People smuggling;
  • Kidnapping, and detain for advantage;
  • Drug possession, supply and importation offences (supply trafficable quantity, supply commercial quantity, supply large commercial quantity, deemed supply) ;
  • Theft, robbery, larceny and, break and enter offences;
  • Arson;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Proceeds of crime;
  • Firearms and weapons offences (discharge firearm in a public place, unlicensed possession, possession of unregistered firearm, possess prohibited firearm, possess prohibited weapon) ;
  • Fraud & dishonesty offences;
  • Social security fraud (Centrelink fraud) ;
  • Malicious damage;
  • Corporate & white collar crime;
  • Regulatory offences;
  • Workplace safety prosecutions;

Our practitioners also appear in:

  • Bail applications in the Local Court, District Court, and Supreme Court;
  • Applications for apprehended violence orders (AVO's), including apprehended personal violence orders (APVO's), and apprehended domestic violence orders (ADVO's) ;
  • Local Court hearings;
  • Committal hearings;
  • Extradition hearings;
  • District Court and Supreme Court trials;
  • Appeals to the District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal (CCA), and the High Court;
  • Proceeds of crime and assets recovery proceedings (freezing orders, proceeds assessment orders) ;
  • Independent Commission Against Corruption Inquiries;
  • Police Integrity Commission Inquiries;
  • N.S.W. State Parole Authority hearings;
  • N.S.W. Crime Commission hearings;
  • Australian Crime Commission hearings;
  • N.S.W. Coroner's inquests;
  • Proceeds of crime forfeiture proceedings;
  • Victims Compensation Tribunal restitution proceedings;

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers has solicitors available 24 hours for emergency advice or service. Our practitioners are also available after hours to attend police stations throughout metropolitan Sydney.

General right to silence

You should note that your general right to silence when questioned or interviewed by Police is only lost to the extent Acts of Parliament have abrogated that right in certain circumstances.

Always be prepared to provide to a Police officer, your name, date of birth and address.

If you are the occupant of a motor vehicle, be prepared to provide Police with the name of the owner, the driver, and any other passengers. An owner of a motor vehicle should be prepared to provide Police with details of the person the owner permitted possession or control of the vehicle.

Remember, if arrested, or questioned by police with respect to an alleged offence in which you believe you are a suspect, it is important that you request the presence of your solicitor before answering any further questions, sign any documents (other than bail forms), or participate in any recorded record of interview.

If you or anybody you know is now in Police custody call us immediately on our emergency hotline:

Phone1300 669 478 or 0418 633 153

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