Debt Recovery Lawyers Sydney & Norwest Business Park-Astute Legal

Our practitioners will discuss all your available options with you, prior to commencing any form of recovery action.

We may then correspond and negotiate with your debtors to ensure you receive all monies rightfully owing to you, or your business.

If this fails, we can then assist you with:

  • Investigating and identifying what assets your debtor owns;
  • Drafting pleadings;
  • Preparing a statement of claim;
  • Preparing proofs [ie: affidavits or statements (small claims)];
  • Appearances at all court proceedings, as and when the case requires [including examination hearings, mentions, motions, subpoena returns, directions, pre-trial review (small claims), and final hearing);
  • Obtaining judgement or default judgement;
  • Obtaining writs on land, garnishee orders on wages, garnishee orders on debts, warrants to seize and sell goods etc;
  • Serving statutory demands (on your company debtors);
  • Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings;

Our practitioners appear in debt recovery proceedings, in all of the following courts:

  • Local Court small claims division- to a limit of $10 000.00 (limitation on costs);
  • Local Court general division-over $10 000.00 up to $20 000.00 (limitation on costs);
  • Local Court general division- over $20 000.00 up to $100 000.00;
  • District Court- up to $750 000.00;
  • Supreme Court- no jurisdictional limit;

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