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Has your firearms license been suspended or revoked by the Firearms Registry of NSW?

Will you be surrendering a valuable firearms collection, comprising say, custom made competition pistols?

Perhaps you are a recreational hunter, and will have to surrender a large number of expensive long-arms?

Or does your occupation rely on maintaining a current firearms license?

The Commissioner of Police can suspend or revoke your firearms license, on the ground you are no longer a fit and proper person to hold a firearms license.

There could be one, or any number of reasons, that have led the Commissioner to have formed this belief.

One of those reasons may have related to a safe storage compliance issue, following a recent storage inspection by Police. Another reason could relate to a public safety issue, following an unrelated charge or conviction, or even a complaint.

Whatever the reasons, you may appeal your suspension or revocation, and if successful; keep your firearms license, your firearms, and your occupation or sport.

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