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Do you have a valid legal will? Do you need to update your legal will?

Don't risk losing the opportunity to have your wishes carried out, following your death.

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers can prepare you will, on a legal fee arrangement.

Our practitioners can also advise you on;

  • The use of discretionary and testamentary trusts;
  • Setting up a charitable trust;
  • Tax implications on death;
  • Asset protection;
  • Superannuation fund binding agreements;
  • Minimising the risk of future claims by on your estate, from non-beneficiaries;

Powers of Attorney & Enduring Guardianship

What would happen if over time, you lost your ability to take care of yourself?

Do you want someone you know and trust, to be able to make legal, health care and accommodation decisions, on your behalf?

Don't take it to chance.

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers can prepare your power of attorney and enduring guardianship documents for you, on a fixed fee arrangement.

Challenging a Will

Did the will maker (the Testator or Testatrix) understand the Will that they were making, or act under pressure to make the Will?

Were you left out of a Will altogether, or should have received a larger share or a particular asset?

Don't miss out on your inheritance, or rightful entitlements.

Our practitioners will timely advise you on your claim's prospects for success. If you decide to go to court, Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers will fight to ensure your claim ends only in success.

You are a Beneficiary under a Will, or the next of kin to someone who has died without a valid will (ie: died intestate)

Are you a beneficiary under a valid Will? Is the Will being challenged by another beneficiary, or someone not even named in the Will? Is there a claim being made against the estate?

Or you are the next of kin to someone who has died intestate? And someone is now making a claim against the estate?

Don't miss out on your inheritance. Our practitioners will act vigorously to defend your claim without the need for court proceedings. If court proceedings are unavoidable, we will continue our fight to ensure you receive your claim.

You are an Executor named in a Will

Are you named as an executor in a Will?

Is the experience turning out to be far more complicated then you expected? Perhaps the beneficiaries under the Will are fighting amongst themselves? Or a claim against the estate is on the cards?

We can provide you with timely and accurate advice to help you sought out some of these difficulties.

Astute Legal Solicitors & Barristers has a team of experienced lawyers practicing in wills, probate and estate litigation.

We are conveniently located in the central business districts of Sydney and Norwest Business Park address.

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